Liberty Women

Liberty Women

Obstetrics & Gynecology in Jersey City, NY

When you come to Dr. Yousry’s practice, the staff will greet you with a warm friendly smile; that’s because we believe in treating our patients with compassion and respect. The mission of our practice is to treat every woman as a unique individual, emphasizing personalized care and overall wellness, as opposed to the treatment of one symptom at a time.

Liberty Women OB/GYN is a state of the art facility where every effort is made to provide you with the attentive care and comfort you deserve and expect from your OB/GYN. We provide a variety of services to our community female individuals, including prenatal care, high-risk pregnancies, adolescent, premenopausal health, menopausal health and preventive medicine.

We have a passion for providing unique services such as pelvic floor reconstruction, female urinary incontinence, and minimally invasive procedures including robotic surgeries.

At Liberty Women, we provide exceptional personalized women's healthcare in a warm and welcoming environment. Modern technology in our practice is at the forefront of knowledge in our field. We provide state of the art Obstetric and Gynecological care with the latest technology from Robotic to traditional surgery. We exist to empower women in achieving optimal well-being & health at every stage of life.