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Birth Control

What is Birth Control?

Birth control, or contraceptives, are used to prevent pregnancy. There’s a variety of birth
control options available with different degrees of protection. Some are more effective at
preventing pregnancy, while others are better at protecting you from STDS.

What type of birth control are available?

There are several types of birth control. Some are available through our office and you can obtain others without a prescription, such as male or female condoms, spermicides, and the contraceptive sponge.

Birth control can come with a variety of risks or side effects. Your well-woman exam will
determine the best method of contraception for you based on your overall health and lifestyle.

For help finding a birth control method that matches your reproductive needs, call our office or schedule an appointment online today.

How does birth control work?

Many forms of birth control use hormones to prevent your ovaries from releasing your eggs or prevent sperm from reaching your egg by thinning your uterine lining and thickening your cervical mucus. Other types use a barrier to prevent sperm from coming in contact with your egg or kill sperm before it reaches your egg.

Some women also use natural methods of birth control by tracking their menstrual cycle. This method helps identify times during your cycle where your pregnancy risks are highest. When those are determined, you know when to avoid sexual intercourse.

Another option is permanent birth control for women, known as tubal ligation or sterilization.